It is our pleasure to present the Annual Report of the Collaborative Africa Budget Reform Initiative for the 2015/16 financial year. We hope that you find the multimedia and online format useful in providing an account of CABRI’s programmatic and financial performance.

As an intergovernmental organisation governed by senior budget and public debt managers, CABRI has grown into a centre of excellence for more than 34 African countries. The work of our organisation covers the critical areas of public finance and allows us, the practitioners, to take control and lead our reform programmes. In this respect, CABRI provides a unique platform from which the practitioners themselves develop and implement functional public financial management (PFM) approaches.

The growth of our organisation is the result of the work of a dedicated management committee and secretariat staff, as well as the enthusiastic participation of budget and public debt practitioners.

The contribution of our many technical, funding and advocacy partners is critical in sustaining and guiding our work. In particular, we wish to express our gratitude for five new multi-year funding agreements, in addition to the two previous agreements that were renewed for the reporting period and beyond. We believe that such investment demonstrates confidence in CABRI.

Having chaired the management committee for the past two years, the Central African Republic will hand over the chairpersonship to South Africa. We look forward to supporting the new chair in building on our past successes.

Germain Wamoustoyo and Amélie Jeannine Béhorou

Management committee chairpersons, 2014–2016